By Beca Russell Designs


2018 Workshop Schedule Coming Soon.

Quilling Workshops

Using her skills of quilling and her theatre experience Beca conducts a range of workshops from one and half to six hours in length. She runs a regular monthly workshop in Bromley and has conducted numerous private workshops with many different groups, the Womens Institute (WI) being a very regular user. Beca has trained hundreds of people in the art of quilling. For her workshops Beca provides everything the attendees need to complete the workshop. Attendees don’t need to worry if they have never quilled before, the workshops will guide them from the very beginning ensuring they leave the session with their very own unique piece of quilling. Previous customers at Beca’s workshops have commented that she has the very rare skill of being able to put people at ease, explain in simple every day English how to quill and then guide and enthuse them through the workshop. The quality of Beca’s workshops can be judged by the numerous people that continually return time after time.