By Beca Russell Designs

Paper Screen Printing


Basic screen-printing supplies

Craft knife

Paper (copy, tissue, newspaper)

Masking tape.


Step 1

  • Cut the fabric on which you intend to print. Place it over smooth cardboard or paper.

Step 2

  • Cut a sheet of plain white paper the same size as your frame, to serve as your stencil.

Step 3

  • Cut a simple shape, such asa a bird, from the center of the paper. Toss the bird aside, keeping the background, which is now your stencil.

 Step 4

  • Palce the stencil under the frame and tape it at one end. Paper will cover all edges of the so no additional masking is needed.

Step 5

  • Place the frame, mesh side down, on top of the scrap paper to make a test run.

Step 6

  • Spoon textile paint into the screen.

Step 7

  • Squeegee paint over open areas of the screen. Use two or three stokes for the first print. Paint will hold the paper stencil in place on the frame.

Step 8 

  • Lift the frame, resting on end on the edge of a can from your food cupboard, tin of tuna or that sizes works best.

Step 9

  • If the image printed clearly, place the frame on your fabric and print. It will require more pressure or more strokes of the squeegee on fabric when on paper, as cloth absorbs more paint.

Step 10

  • Repeat for additional prints, or clean up the screen immediately

Step 11

  • Dry prints and heat set.

Let me know if you do anything different in your studio. Or have anymore tips on this topic.

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