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Quilling Guild AGM 2014

This year the Quilling Guild AGM was the weekend 20-21 September 2014, it is in Dereham in Norwich. For me this was my first AGM and hopefully the first of many, I took my cousin Joanne with me as she is one that good me into quilling in the first place thought it was fitting for us to go together. After being up early and getting trains and what nots t the school i feel like my work was so out of this work that none would understand where I was coming from. My work as you will be able to tell from my portfolio on my website . My quilling in not traditional and from start to end design, I don’t just stop after I have created my quilling designs I them take them further and open up quilling to all sorts of new and exiting ideas.

To me the craft of quilling need to be given new live and taken forward in to other direction, but still sticking to in roots of curling paper. This them brings me on nicely to my other passion which is screen printing, working with the to means I have had to start opening up to mark making forms like drawing, digital, printmaking and many many more, some which I really could not get to grips with and pushed towards quilling in the first place.

Because of this I didn’t feel that people didn’t get my designs that well as I had taken my fabrics and prints and not any traditional quilling. I though people would have had a better approach to the fact its so different made me feel out of place. Not that i was expecting anyone to like what i do but i was expecting people to have an intreat in the different way quilling has been used.

By the end of the saturday i jus wanted to go home the idea of sharing ideas day was just not for me at all. I did stay as it was a nice hotel that me a Joanne stay in and the food was good. The sunday was the best day, I really enjoyed talking quilling and crafting and found out so much and learnt so much as well making some really good friends.

I got to talk about what I do and combining the two skills, share quilling with other crafts. My quilled piece made out of my quilled printed fabric went down really well and so did my rubber stamps. After i got talk my designs though with the group people seem start to understand me.

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