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How to make a Quilled Butterfly

How to make a quilled butterfly

Step 1:

Trace wing onto paper, put on to quilling board.

Step 2:

Make a tiny loop in the end of a quilling strip, push the anchor pin through it and into the board.

Step 3:

Take the strip around which should lean slightly from you, and then down to the anchor point.

Step 4:

Bring the strips up the left hand side and then pin in.

Step 5:

Bring the strip back down to the anchor and up to the next pin.

Step 6:

Continue with the looping until you have used all the point. Cut off any excess strip and glue down the end. Add another strip in a different colour and take it all the way around. Make sure you pull it snugly against the pin.

Step 7:

Glue at the anchor point and then take the strip around twice more, gluing a little as you go cut off excess strips and glue down the end.

Step 8:

Make a closed loose coil from a half-length (22cm/9in) strip and shape it into a long. Thin teardrop put a tiny dot of glue on either side and slot it into the central loop. Using either fingers or tweezers. Repeat the Husking for second lower wing.

Step 9:

Make the upper wings in the same way, using the wing B pattern as a guide. Making three tiny teardrops shaped closed loose coils from a sixteenth of a strip.


Glue the extra close loose coils inside loops of the upper wings as shown. Remove pins from the board very carefully glue each upper wing to lever one as shown above.

Step 11:

To make the body roll up a half-length (22cm/9in) black strip but stop rolling when 5cm(2in) is remaining. Release the coil and squeeze it into an eye shape.

Step 12:

Glue this into position and to the antennae, cut remaining strip in along its length.

Step 14:

Glue the wings to the body and the whole to your background.

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