By Beca Russell Designs



  • Creator’s of zentangle are Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.
  • They say zentangle ‘Rests the brain – as if you has a nap and woke refreshed.”
  • 3 ½” x 3 ½” (8.9×8.9cm) called a ‘tile’
  • a tile is the best place to start, when you get more advanced you can do shape with you tangles inside.
  • It is called ‘tangle or tangling’ when you are working on a zentangle design.
  • It is a specific way to draw.
  • Often done in black or white pen on either black or white paper.
  • Zentangle has become an international phenomenon
  • Zentangle are used to help with stress reduction, education, therapy, and even motivational training.

Zentangle are bit like my drawing of my quilling were they flow off the page.

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