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Paper Mania – Quilling Digital Patterns

Here is an update on what I have been working on, for this project. I have ended up using photoshop and Illustrator to create most of my pattern designs. They have all started out as quilling designs and then turned in to printmaking prints using the Lino press. I have scanned them in and played around in photoshop with them.

All of my design link back to a craft, The rabbit are using iris folding, which is the spiralling of paper building up layers so the design looks like is turning. With the way quilling shapes spiral around. Depending on how you make each shape and the way you pinch the paper to create a shape or release. The space between the paper with a single shape can change the look to.

I like this idea of printed fabric that looks like English Paper Piece as well. Having the top fabric for a quilting printed with a paper print rather than you having to do it your self. This would save time and get people that want craft but don’t want it to tai ever they free time. They can create something in half the time that is hand made.

I have used this iris folding and paper patterns with my designs for Coast westminster. But as always I have gone back to my first love of quilling. With this I idea of turning one craft into and other but the use of print. From this i am open quilling to a new market of quilters that may have never come across quilling. This could lead people on to the craft and like my self might find it fascinating.

Please get in touch if you have any thought on my work or want to talk about quilling and crafting in more detail.

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