By Beca Russell Designs


Founded by Beca Russell in 2013. Beca Russell Designs based in London brings together the art of quilling and surface design to create an array of unique products, designs and ideas.

Beca graduated in 2015 from the University of the Arts London – London College of Communication, where she studied BA Surface Design. During her studies Beca fell in love with Quilling, which Beca continues to use in her designs.

A unique surface designer, Beca uses the old, traditional craft of quilling (the art of paper curling) to create a modern and very distinctive form of surface design. From the paper shapes Beca does not just create 3D models but also 2D patterns using either screen prints or digital eye-catching designs. Jewellery, pictures and prints extend these designs in different directions bringing the art of quilling and surface design together using various mediums.

The unique designs of Beca Russell are yet again gaining the recognition they deserve as she is awarded the Rose Bowl at the 2015 Quillers Guild AGM for the most innovative quilling. Beca exhibited her trees and island project. This project was inspired by this video by Lily Allen – Somewhere only we know.