By Beca Russell Designs


Beca Russell, a specialised Quilling designer has taken the art of Quilling in a unique direction and created a range of amazing Crazy Quilling products.

Beca describes Crazy Quilling as the place where the traditional craft of quilling (the art of paper curling) and craziness collide…

Having originally trained in Stage Management and Technical Theatre at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Beca was forced by injury to retrain at the University of the Arts London in Surface Design. She graduated in 2015 after falling in love with quilling during her studies and in October 2016 she started Beca Russell Designs Limited.
Her Designs, often described as works of art have achieved much acclaim at major craft fairs throughout the UK and have featured in their own television specials on both Hochanda and the Craft Channel.

Many crafters will have heard of quilling, a few may have tried it but it is unlikely any will have done quilling quite like Beca Russell Designs. Rather than traditional quilling where you create flat designs, Beca’s designs and makes amazing 3D works of art. Her collections are stunning and unique. But she doesn’t just make them with herself in mind, she has created Crazy Quilling Kits so that you can have a go and create something yourself.

These Crazy Quilling Kits include everything you need: A quilling tool, pre-cut quilling papers, glue, the internal painted 3D ‘shape’ and of course those ever so important instructions.

Crazy Quilling Kits are perfect as a gift to yourself or others. So if you are looking for a unique gift for the crafter whom you thought had tried everything…. then why not go ‘crazy’ and get them one of these!

Crazy Quilling is a registered Trademark of Beca Russell Designs Limited.

HOCHANDA 2017 – 2018

crazy quilling crazy quilling crazy quilling crazy quilling

Craft Channel 2016

crazy quilling  Crazy Quilling By Beca Russell designs  Crazy Quilling By Beca Russell designs


WI (Womens Institute) Show at Alexander Palace 2017                        The Handmade Faire with Kirstie Allsopp Hampton Court Palace 2016

                              crazy quilling                                                                              Crazy Quilling By Beca Russell designs  crazy quilling